29 Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Try

    If you love incorporating nice decor trends into your spaces, we’ve got an amazing idea for you! One of the hottest trends for kitchen decor is two-toned cabinets. And yes, they used to be popular before but then were forgotten and now this awesome trend is (more…)

30 Functional Industrial Kitchen Designs

    Industrial style is very popular today, it’s awesome for lofts, bachelor pads, it can be mixed with minimal or retro style and it’ll look amazing! This style is perfect for functional spaces in your home – kitchens, bathrooms and home offices, and today I’m gonna share (more…)

37 Comfy Kitchen Islands With Breakfast Nooks

    A kitchen island can be found in many kitchens, even in small ones, because they are comfortable for cooking, peeling vegetables and so on but if you want to increase the functionality of your kitchen island, add a breakfast nook. Kitchen islands with breakfast nooks are (more…)