29 Trendy Hexagon Tile Kitchen Backsplashes

Hexagon tiles are among everybody’s favorites – whatever the trends are, this stylish geometry never goes out of style. Such tiles are sure to make your kitchen more stylish and modern, just look how beautiful they are! Small Scale Hexagon Tiles Why do I highlight small scale hex (more…)

25 Ideas To Renovate Your Kitchen On A Budget

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24 Cool Boho Kitchen Decor Ideas

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25 Breakfast Bar Ideas For Tiny Kitchens

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27 Contrasting Kitchen Islands

    A kitchen island is an indispensable part of modern kitchens, it’s where you cook, wash, peel and even serve. But it’s not only a functional piece, it can be also part of decor and a significant one. One of the latest trends is a contrasting

23 Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops With Pros And Cons

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23 Concrete Kitchen Backsplashes With Pros And Cons

    We see more and more of concrete in home decor today, and this isn’t surprising: it’s durable, budget-friendly and works for many styles. Concrete is used for floors, walls, making furniture and even backsplashes in the kitchen. The arguments about the latter are numerous: are they (more…)

67 Stylish Kitchens With A Brick Wall

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