52 Charming White Christmas Home Decor Ideas

    Let it snow! And let your Christmas look like it has just snowed – decorate in white! White Christmas decor is adorable: white ornaments, garlands, tree, candles and textiles make you feel the festive spirit and look as if they are covered with snow. Keep to (more…)

34 Comfy Rustic Christmas Home Decor Ideas

    Rustic decor is always cozy and comfy, and rustic Christmas is even more adorable! Burlap ornaments and garlands, wood slice placemats and ornaments, even wreaths will help you to make the base of your rustic Christmas decor. Make combos of tree branches and pinecones, fir branch (more…)

52 Small Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

    Lack of space? Or just need a smaller version of your Christmas tree for another room? Get a small or even tiny tree and decorate it the way you like. Think that a small tree won’t look that holiday-like? You are wrong, a cute small tree (more…)

31 Cutest Christmas Felt Ornaments

    Felt is a material that everybody loves because it’s easy to work with and you can make a lot of things of them. Felt Christmas ornaments are very popular cause you can make lots of different ones and this won’t take much time. Let’s have a (more…)

25 Coolest Christmas Tree Alternatives

    If you don’t feel like a traditional Christmas tree, or don’t have enough space for it, or maybe want an additional tree for another room, I’m rushing to help you! There are tons of ideas to make your own alternative Christmas tree, and today we’ll show (more…)

25 Evergreen Christmas Decor Ideas

    Evergreens are an indispensable part of Christmas decor, they just scream Christmas! But evergreens aren’t only trees, you can make various decorations with them to make your spaces feel like holidays. Interested in some ideas? I’ve prepared a whole bunch! Evergreen Wreaths     A wreath is one of the (more…)

40 Beautiful Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas

    If you have a mantel or a faux mantel, it’s high time to style it for Christmas! Let me share some gorgeous ideas to try for your mantel, I’m sure you’ll want to implement some of them into your decor. Colorful Decor     If you don’t feel like going (more…)